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青马在线代刷:What does “hyponymy” refers to?答案

2020-03-02 12:23:03

Which thematic progression pattern has been used in this paragraph? Hemp’s environmental credentials are indisputable. It grows better in organic systems than in conventional ones. It smothers weeds and controls pests, clearing the land for other crops. It improves the structure of the soil, with strong roots to prevent erosion. If processed in the field, it returns nutrients to the land and purports to ‘clean up’ soil contaminated with heavy metals. It is one of a minority of textile-fibre crops that can be grown in temperate climates. So why, given its potential, is so little hemp used today? (New Internationalist, June 1998, p. 14)

A、simple linear progression

B、split progression

C、constant progression

D、derived hyperthematic progression


What are the two most commonly used citation styles?

A、Modern Language Association & American Psychological Association

B、Social Sciences & Liberal Arts and Humanities

C、Citation and Plagiarism

D、Multiple Language Association & American Physiology Association


In which situations should we use citation?

A、Quoting, Summarizing, Proverbs

B、Paraphrasing, Quoting, Common Knowledge

C、Common Knowledge, Quoting, Better safe than sorry

D、Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Quoting


What are the two locations where citations can be found in a paper?

A、After quotes and summarizing

B、At the beginning of the paper and at the end of the paper

C、In text or at the end of the text

D、To support your writing and to avoid plagiarism


Which lexical cohesion strategy has been used in the following paragraph? A big tree with a thick trunk and outspread branches was nearby, and taking care to leave not the slightest mark, he climbed up into the crotch, and stretching out on one of the broad limbs, after a fashion, rested…Something was coming through the bush, slowly, carefully, the same winding way Rainsford had come. He flattened himself down on the limb and through a screen of leaves, saw it was a man.






What does “hyponymy” refers to?

A、the parts and whole

B、the superordinate and subordinate

C、equivalence in meaning

D、opposition in meaning




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在选择适合自己的目标时,应考虑将目标与()结合。 大学生在择业时,除了考虑政策原则和能力原则外,还应着重考虑()。 下列关于研究生免推入学的说法中,不正确的是()。 现在的大学生体质下降的主要原因是()。 当大学新生入校后发现自己不适合所报考专业时,不应选择()。 大学生可以通过()渠道获取求职需求的信息。 在大学生活中,和大学生日常打交道最多的是()。 在对自己进行评价时,应该有()。 针对大学生,以下投资理财方式中最保险的是()。 谈恋爱对大学生而言是应该是一个()。 最近更新

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